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Making Money in “Red Dead” and Other Religious Experiences

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I’ve completed some of Bonnie’s and some of the Marshal’s missions, but I haven’t tried to advance the story much yet. I’m having too much fun hunting, killing people and looting their bodies, and gambling. Sadly, I only manage to win $5 in my first game of poker, and I lose at my first game of Five Finger Fillet, but then I get the hang of it and whoo! I cleared the table and won $50 in my second game of poker.

Making money in this game is FUN!

You can accept bounties to earn money, too. Before I got the lasso from Bonnie, I wished for a way to take my bounties back alive (and double my money), but then I got the lasso and I kept accidentally killing the bounties along with all their buddies. Oh well. Bounties don’t really seem worth it, anyways, because I have to travel a long way to get to them and then I’m attacked by eternally respawning enemies who I assume want to steal my proof of the bounty before I can get back to the Marshal’s office and collect. It’s quite annoying.

Hunting, though… that’s fun. And the animals move so realistically. I’ve killed cougars and wolves and armadillo and longhorn and cows and horses and jackrabbits, and then I sell their pelts and meat and various accoutrements for money. I’ve got close to $1000 already, which comes in handy when the heat comes down on me. Funny story about that…

So I run across the young girl who was talking to the priest during the opening credits, and she’s out in the desert on some sort of religious experience. She doesn’t want my help, even though she’s dying from thirst or heat or whatever, but I give her some medicine because that’s what the game’s telling me to do. I don’t think she takes it–she just keeps flopping around going on about salvation. So, silly me, I decide that I’ll just lasso the girl, hogtie her, throw her on my horse, and take her to the nearest town so she doesn’t die. But now I’ve got the law after me for kidnapping! You try to help someone out and this is what happens. Of course, some lawman is shooting at me and he hits the girl where she’s tied up on the back of my horse. And she DIES. Dang it! Then I’m all pissed off because now I’m going down for murder, but I finally get out of range of the lawman and when I go to put her body down, she come alive. It’s a miracle! A real life miracle! Well… either that, or she’s an essential character. Ha!


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