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Chocobos and Eidolons

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I’ve progressed further in the game. I won’t go into too many details for the benefit of those who despise spoilers, but let’s just say that my party has been cursed. As a player, I can’t be too concerned with this because the awesome side effect of the curse is magic. Yay! I have magic! Strangely enough, there’s no magic meter. Just like physical attacks, magic attacks are only limited by the time it takes your action meter to fill.

I’m also learning more about the characters, and at one point we almost get some answers out of Sazh about his life (does he have a family somewhere or something?), but then he gets all vague again. Meanwhile, Cowboy Bebop-esque music plays in the background. You know… the slow harmonica music? After the cutscene with vague Sazh, the Datalog now has a place where we can read about all the main characters. And the chocobo chick has an entry!

The chick has no name, as voicing the true identity of the animal might trigger ripples of destiny across Cocoon and cause a hurricane in Eden. Either that, or Sazh just hasn’t thought of one yet.

I snortled with laughter for a while, at which point my bf asked if I was okay. Yeah, I’m okay, just a total dweeb.

Fairly soon after this we have a score of cutscenes. There have been quite a few cutscenes in this game so far, I must say. And then, what do you know, our party splits up again and Snow is on his own when he comes up against a shitload of enemies. I’m doing pretty good and then BAM, the twins show up. Who are the twins, you ask? Good question:

Apparently, together they make up an Eidolon called Shiva. Eidolons are legendary creatures that sometimes attack people with my curse. If I can defeat the creature, it will join with me and fight at my command when I need it. Very much like the aeons in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. I’m learning lots of lingo as we move through the battle tutorial and eventually, after a hard-fought battle, I’ve got an Eidolon of my own. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that hard. Okay, maybe all I had to do was hit the equivalent of “defend” over and over again. These Eidolons don’t go down like regular enemies–you’ve got to “Libra” them to figure out what technique you need to use to bring down their defenses. It’s original, but also kind of strange, that I just have to keep defending in order to weaken one twin while the other one keeps healing everyone on the field, including me. Does anyone else think that the picture of Snow sitting on Shiva looks mildly inappropriate? I mean, Shiva is essentially a motorcycle made up of two women that Snow sits on/between. Huh.

That’s all for now–happy Labor Day weekend, everyone!


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