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Samus in “Other M”

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I just saw the commercial for the new Metroid game. Does anyone else think that Samus looks remarkably like Kristen Bell?

Yes? No? Anyways, I was excited about the prospect of a new Metroid game, but as always I waited to hear what Gamespot had to say. They gave Metroid: Other M an 8.5 in their review, but they still had some quibbly things to say about it. Mainly that the game is a departure from the norm, with long cutscenes and a very action-oriented progression. Oh, and Samus finally has a voice, but apparently it’s very annoying and the voice acting in general sucks. COME ON! If you’re finally going to give Samus a voice, make sure it’s worth it!

I like the Metroid franchise, but I’m not sure I’m going to shell out the money for the new game, because to be honest, I really like taking the time to explore environments and progress at my own pace, and this doesn’t seem like that kind of game. Also, what I’ve read/seen of the controller schematics makes me wince. I’m so sick of the sideways Wii Remote–IT’S NOT COMFORTABLE to hold it that way, and the range of movement is very limited with the D-Pad. It’s makes sense when you’re playing an old school Mario platformer, not when you’re running around and killing bad guys. (Yes, I know you can then turn the Remote and point it at the screen to aim-and-shoot if you want, but why is it fun constantly flipping the Remote back and forth like that?)

Alright, I’m done whining now, especially since I haven’t even played the game. Ha! Maybe I’ll find a demo somewhere… ^_^


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