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No Man’s Sky Doesn’t Have an Official Release Date Yet

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So… anyone else getting sick of all the release date click bait for No Man’s Sky? I’ve got to stop falling for the “news stories” I see with “Release Date” in the title. There is no official release date, but everyone is having lots of fun speculating wildly about it. Most of them seem to think it’ll drop June 2015. My two cents? They’re working on it. Hello Games is a business, and they’d like to release their game as soon as possible so as to make money. But it’s not done. They’ll release it when they’re done. End of story.

I’m really starting to wonder if No Man’s Sky will be able to live up to all the hype. Not only did they create a lot of buzz at E3 2014, winning Best Original Game, Best Independent Game, and Special Commendation for Innovation, but now the game has been nominated for a Design of the Year award.

People are so crazy for this game that they’re falling for a scam where they think they’re getting beta keys for the game. According to Hello Games, THERE ARE NO BETA KEYS for No Man’s Sky. So don’t click on anything that tells you you’re about to get an early stab at the game. It’s all lies 😥

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