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To Buy or Not to Buy an Xbox One

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So they’ve released the first batch of Xbox One titles that will be backwards compatible, and I’m still left with quite a few Xbox 360 games on my shelf. Granted, some of them I haven’t played in years and I’m not likely to pick up again anytime soon, but there just enough titles that I know I’ll want to revisit to have me waffling on the Xbox One purchase. All the games I WON’T be able to play because they’re not on the backwards compatible list… yet:


And I really really really REALLY don’t want to leave the Xbox 360 in my entertainment center if I get an Xbox One. I already have the Wii, the PS3, and the PS4 in there with it. And I can’t kick out the PS3 because I have way too many PS3 games that I’m still enjoying:

PS3 Games

That’s not even including the PS2 and N64 I have in nearby storage for when I’m feeling really nostalgic. Yes, I know – I’m a gaming pack rat, okay?! I’m not even telling you about my handheld systems. It’s embarrassing.

While I don’t really want to have another system stacked on top of my Xbox 360, there are a lot of good reasons to get the Xbox One now:

1 – Black Friday is this week, and I know that a lot of stores will have $50 off their Xbox One bundles. Game Stop, Best Buy, etc.
2 – The Xbox 360 is a pretty outdated system. At this point, I have a wireless adapter plugged into the back; I’ve got the HD expansion, but it’s full so I keep having to delete things to save new games; and I’ve taken apart the A/V cable so that I can fit the HDMI cable in underneath it and run video through the HDMI and audio through the RCA… which confuses my receiver sometimes.
3 – There’s the promise that my cherished games will someday soon be backwards compatible. Elder Scrolls and Assassin’s Creed games at the top of that wish list!

In any case, I’ve already told my husband I want it for Christmas. And mentioned that Black Friday will see a lot of $50 off bundle sales. And said that I did see a Fallout 4 bundle already out there (even though it might be hard to find day of). So at this point it’s probably happening. But still… I’m not happy about having to keep the Xbox 360 around to play my Elder Scrolls and Assassin’s Creed games. Not to mention losing all my saves unless there’s some way to upload them and make sure they are also functional on an Xbox One.

Of course, I could always just drop the Xbox altogether and become a PS girl all the way, as my brother-in-law so helpfully suggested.

I’m overthinking this.


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