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Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle…

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Unboxing No Man’s Sky – PS4 Limited Edition



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No Man’s Sky Shipped!

Just got this notification from Amazon: “Shipped: Your Amazon package with No Man’s Sky – Limited Edition – PlayStation 4 will be delivered Tue, Aug 09.”

Shipped: Your Amazon package with No Man's Sky - Limited Edition - PS4 will be delivered Tues, Aug 09
Our anniversary is Friday, so my husband’s taking a half day at work. But I’m taking off all of Thursday and Friday, so you better believe I’m getting in some quality gaming time. SO EXCITED!

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Gone Home & Unravel

Played Uncharted 4 and needed something else to keep my attention until No Man’s Sky (which is so close now I can taste it!!!!). So I turned to my console stores to see what was available. Grabbed Gone Home when it was free for PS Plus members in June, and then downloaded Unravel when it went on sale in the Xbox Store.

Gone Home was fun and really messed with you-  I don’t usually go for “exploration” video games, but the whole vibe was really spooky and the tension built throughout. I played through it in a weekend because I had to know how it was going to end, and when it did I was like “Ooooooh. Oh wow.” No spoilers except to say that it wasn’t really a horror game… except for how it kind of was. Ha!

Unravel is another game that really surprises you. When I first started playing the puzzle platformer, I was underwhelmed by the mechanics. It seemed like the whole game would be spent struggling to move through the world with a limited set of actions. But then as you progress through the levels, you learn more and more just how much you CAN do. The puzzles were just the right amount of hard (in my humble opinion) and every level was visually stunning and set to a beautiful soundtrack.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Patches

A week ago today, my PS4 downloaded the Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 4 update. Just read the release notes yesterday and saw that it would fix the damnable glitch that kept me from discovering all the regions in the Exalted Plains. So I loaded up my finished game save, went to Exalted Plains, and put that shit to bed 😉

I realize that PC players got this fix last month, but for us console players, it was a longer wait. Bioware says their “primary focus was on fixing bugs, particularly ones that blocked progression or hampered the player experience.” Too bad they had to go and fix the influence exploit, too. Boo.

Of course, then there’s PATCH 5!!!!!! Read the post that went up today: Introducing the DAI Patch 5 Beta Program, Featuring the Black Emporium. And what do you know?

In Skyhold, we’re adding party storage to the Undercroft—a new feature that many players asked for and we’re happy to finally add.

YAYAYAYAYAY! Now it’s just a matter of waiting for it to be reality… I won’t recap the whole post, but lucky PC gamers can sign up for the Beta soon. There are a lot of interesting changes and improvements.

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PlayStation Network Down

Why do people hack gaming networks? What is the point? Do they just take joy from other people’s pain?

In any case, it doesn’t affect me very much because I don’t like playing online multiplayer games. But the other night Dragon Age wouldn’t start at all because it kept trying to connect to the network. Got around that by going into my PlayStation network settings and unchecking the box to connect to the Internet. That knocked it out of that behavior, and I could continue playing.

I didn’t have to do that this morning, but the network is still down. PlayStation keeps tweeting the same thing:

This error number refers to a network error. Our network services are gradually coming back online. Thanks for your patience.

Blah. Happy holidays everyone!