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Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle…

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Four. Years. Later.


Has it really been that long?


A lot can happen in four years: I got married. Went to Portugal on my honeymoon. Acquired 2 more cats (yeah, that makes 3). Traveled to Denmark. Cruised the Norwegian fjords. Bought a new console (PS4 FTW!!). Left my job. Moved halfway across the country. Started a new job.

… is it weird that I included buying a PS4 in that list of milestones?

Whatever. Throughout it all I’ve been gaming. Usually behind the curve. Replaying A LOT. Played through some games probably a few too many times: Uncharted 2, The Last of Us, Oblivion, and Dragon Age: Origins to name a few. I’m way too obsessive compulsive for only one playthrough, especially when I’m missing achievements. Not to mention, I totally wanted to have sex with as many characters as possible in Origins because… because… screw you, I don’t need a reason.

Speaking of Dragon Age, I am SO EXCITED for Inquisition. I’ve been watching gameplay videos and making so many high-pitched, squealing noises that my husband thinks that someone is murdering the cats. I started replaying Skyrim because I needed something to do and then I got annoyed when I was building my character because I couldn’t stop thinking about the Inquisition character creation possibilities. Ended up giving my character one white (dead) eye and horrible facial scarring.

Anyways, the minute that game is out I’m at the store. Seriously. Still need to figure out where the nearest GameStop is, though. Moving is such a bitch. Half my games are still in boxes 😦

Now to keep things light. Me playing RL Minesweeper in Oslo:

RL Minesweeper

RL Minesweeper: Handle with care.