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Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle…

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Gone Home & Unravel

Played Uncharted 4 and needed something else to keep my attention until No Man’s Sky (which is so close now I can taste it!!!!). So I turned to my console stores to see what was available. Grabbed Gone Home when it was free for PS Plus members in June, and then downloaded Unravel when it went on sale in the Xbox Store.

Gone Home was fun and really messed with you-  I don’t usually go for “exploration” video games, but the whole vibe was really spooky and the tension built throughout. I played through it in a weekend because I had to know how it was going to end, and when it did I was like “Ooooooh. Oh wow.” No spoilers except to say that it wasn’t really a horror game… except for how it kind of was. Ha!

Unravel is another game that really surprises you. When I first started playing the puzzle platformer, I was underwhelmed by the mechanics. It seemed like the whole game would be spent struggling to move through the world with a limited set of actions. But then as you progress through the levels, you learn more and more just how much you CAN do. The puzzles were just the right amount of hard (in my humble opinion) and every level was visually stunning and set to a beautiful soundtrack.