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Dragon Age: Inquisition Iron Bull

I’ve managed to scoop up all of the optional party members in my first playthrough, and I’ve had a really great time getting to know them. These characters really have amazing depth of personality, and their character-specific side missions have been illuminating and at times heartbreaking. This holds true of The Iron Bull in particular. (I’ll plan to share his side story in my next post.)

Iron Bull is direct and to the point about everything, including his sex life. Apparently, a Qunari “getting his cork popped” is comparable to a Tevintar taking a trip to the Healer, and certain sex games involving a leather-wrapped rod and harness are “not his sword.” Whoa. Also, technically it’s The Iron Bull. He likes having the article at the front. What a fun and oftentimes surprising character. I keep him in my party just for his amusing banter.

I’ve compiled some of my favorite Iron Bull banter in one video:

Other great scenes with him involve sharing a drink to celebrate killing your first dragon, sharing a drink with his Chargers, and sharing a drink with the troops. Hm… Iron Bull certainly likes to drink! And he’s so rowdy about it. Not to mention, once you finish his personal quest and have put in a healthy amount of flirting, he shows up in your bedroom and says that he knows you “want to ride the bull.”


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Getting the Hang of Things in Inquisition

So let me drag myself away from my PS4 for a second… honestly, I’ve already put in 25 hours and I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Like you’ve probably already heard, Inquisition is a HUGE world, and because I’m such an obsessive person that I have to explore every inch of every possible map, I’m still in the early parts of the game. At level 9 and haven’t picked up any extra companions or found any of the specializations. And after battling a shit ton of enemies I’m seriously considering respeccing my character before I move on to the next major aspect of the story. Like, why did I think it was a smart idea to move down the storm (electricity) and inferno (fire) ability trees? I need to learn more of the spirit abilities so I can protect myself while trying to disrupt those rifts. And also maybe switch Solas out for more interesting characters if they ever come along. See me in the following video, running around trying to avoid enemies so I can hit the rift without getting interrupted:

Kinda awkward, though I am getting the hang of it. I’m also getting the hang of crafting. So far, crafting weapons is totally worth it, as they’re stronger than the weapons you find out in the field. I’ve made some awesome staffs (staves?) for myself and Solas, and half the fun is in naming them. My strongest electric damage staff is called “High Voltage Rod,” and my electric staff that also heals me on kills is called “Shock and Awe Staff.” Then Solas’ cold damage staff with Barrier Damage bonus is called “Penetrating Cold Staff.” Fun stuff 🙂